Designs by Abhilasha

Regal Indianwear & Ethnicwear apparel from the Courts of Awadh and the wardrobes of the Nawabi Begums


We create Ethnic Indian dresses, ensembles & apparel to breathe life into scenes from Awadhi aristocratic adventures dreamt up with the modern eye of Lucknow’s beloved daughter.

From feasts in Aristocratic Indian Halls to relaxed evening mehfils, Abhilasha’s unique Lucknowi-Meets-Avante-Garde blend of couture is more than just clothing. What would a Begum of Awadh wear to her wedding in 2020? What would the royalty wear to feasts?

It’s not really a secret that the modern Indian bride wants to dress like the modern Indian Princess, just like the shehzadi she has dressed like all her youth. This shared sense, this inherent regal character runs through all women, everywhere, and Abhilasha weaves that inner Begum into being.


The vision of bringing authentic and rare forms of classical Indian Embroidery into the modern mainstream was nurtured in the eyes of a young Abhilasha while growing up in her beloved hometown of Lucknow. Coming from a city rich in history, artisanry, craftwork and a culture of definitive trendsetting, Abhilasha pursued fashion designing from IIFT (Delhi) in a bid to continue the legacy of her hometown and present its rich cultural heritage to global markets.

Inspired by craftsmen from the incredible heritage of Lucknowi artisanry, Abhilasha persevered with not just the preservation of her cultural heritage but also the evolution of these artforms into contemporary fashion and modern aesthetics. Growing up in a city rife with symbolism and lore, the very basics of her design sensibilities are derived from regal memories of medieval Awadh and ancient Banaras.

An avid Wildlife Photographer, Abhilasha also works as a Conservationist in her spare time. She is known to embark deep into the jungles & grasslands of Northern Uttar Pradesh in a bid to preserve the pristine beauty of these ancient lands.

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